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How long does it take to install the Idaho Hand Pump?

It usually takes about an hour for us to install your new hand pump.

How long have you been in business?

We started doing business in 2011. We have installed over 2500 Idaho Hand Pumps in Southeast Idaho since that time.

How long can I expect the Idaho Hand Pump to last?

We estimate your hand pump will last twenty years.  We guarantee the product for five years.

What is the cost of the Idaho Hand Pump?

For a single installation in Southeast Idaho the cost is $300 for installation and the working components plus $1 per foot of pipe that we place into the well. We offer a $50 discount when neighbors get together and form a group to be installed on the same day.  It allows us to spend our time installing instead of driving. We think it will be worth your time.

Call for details.

What materials make the Idaho Hand Pump?

The pump section that will be visible is made from stainless steel fittings.  The handles and spout are made from schedule 80 PVC. The pipe going into the well is schedule 40 PVC. We also use galvanized wire and a fiberglass rod as components in your hand pump.

Is any maintenance required on the pump?

No maintenance is required. However, we do recommend that you pump out enough water to clear the entire length of pipe that was placed in your well roughly every six months. This is the equivalent of rotating your water storage (but it is much easier), and is a good check to make sure your pump is working properly.

Will the pump freeze during the winter? Can I use the pump during the winter?

We drill a weep hole about seven feet from the top to allow the water to drain below the frost line so it won’t freeze.  You can enjoy the peace of mind of using your pump during any season of the year.

What do I do if I need to service my electric pump in my well?

The Idaho Hand Pump is easy to remove to allow access to your electric pump.  The key is to keep the pipe coming straight up out of the well for a few feet before beginning the bend.  The best way to do this is to have one person pulling the pipe out of the well while another person stands about eight feet away, keeping an arch of pipe between the two. The second person can walk in a circle around the well to allow for laying the pipe down as it comes out of the well casing.