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Our Story

Clean water is one of the most essential elements of survival.

water rushing across rocksThe Idaho Hand Pump was first developed for personal use by the engineer, Gaven Knighton. Knowing the necessity of water for survival, and seeing the cost of most hand pumps, his creativity was spurned for producing his own. After his pump became a reality; neighbors, friends, and coworkers asked to have one installed for them. Gaven played with the idea of a business, but it wasn’t until his daughter, Stephanie, was finally ready to take on such an endeavor that the business was actually born.

With Gaven as the engineer and principle builder, and Stephanie as the business head and installer, Idaho Hand Pump began. Stephanie’s children were her most frequent installing companions. As the children grew, so did the company.

The hand pump has significantly changed from the first model and Gaven still continues to develop and consider better ways to bring clean water to those who choose our pump.

We’ve been installing for Southeast Idaho since 2011 and are now excited to offer pump kits around the country to those who want to install their own Idaho Hand Pump.

In a world dependent upon electricity to pump water, the Idaho Hand Pump provides an affordable alternative for obtaining this critical necessity in the event of electrical failure.