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“I was really impressed with [Idaho Hand] Pump. I had another hand pump previously and I could barely get the water to the surface before I was worn out. My wife couldn’t do it. I was really surprised how fast the [Idaho Hand] Pump was installed and how easy to use it was. I got 3 gallons per minute easily with minimal effort and my wife can easily use it. We were very happy to tear the old pump out and replace it. I highly recommend this pump.”

Dave Noack

CEO Self-Reliant Living

“We had a hand pump installed at our former residence. It was good quality and worked great. We used it several times when the power was out. When we moved to our new home we had one installed right away. It is great to know we have water even when the power is off without having to store it. This pump provides peace of mind at a very affordable price.”

Taralee Carter


I was so impressed with Stephanie and the entire installation process! The pump is super efficient and still working perfectly years later. It won’t rust or crack like other materials.

Wendy M.

Burton, ID

“I had been looking for an affordable hand pump for my well for several years.
I was so excited to learn of Idaho Hand Pump. I wish everyone could have one!”


Mary M.

Burton, ID

I want to thank you for your response on providing us with an easy to use hand pump for our well. I had installed a larger 1 ¼ inch hand pump about 6 years ago. It did provide for water in emergencies but it took more effort to get it to deliver. I tried your hand pump at a neighbors home and was impressed with the ease of operation and the resulting output of water. We also appreciate your skills and quick response to our request and the 8 other families that you helped in our neighborhood. We will certainly recommend you and your product to others. Thank you again.

Eric Erickson

My wife and I purchased a hand pump for our well recently.  It came complete, with good instructions which proved to be most helpful.  We are more than happy to recommend this system, since we can now have access to this most vital necessity-“water” in a power outage.  Thank you Stephanie.

Brent Hatch

I got er done!!!  Took me about 3 hours of “knee crawling” putting the pipes together and then it slid right down. Works great and was a lot of

The Idaho Hand Pump Family was a joy to work with and Stephanie was always there for my many questions. I strongly recommend this pump for anyone concerned about having water in any emergency situation!!

Mike Carter