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Finding a Well Depth

well tag

The tag that you see on the picture is by far the easiest ticket to find your well depth so check for the tag before looking anywhere else. There is a number stamped into that tag that starts with D00…. With the number off that tag you can go to under their research hub and put your number in their well construction search. It will bring up the information about your well from when it was drilled.

If your well is an older one (older than about 1995) your well will likely not have a tag. Here are some ideas for finding a depth:

Try your address in the same research hub on

If you know who replaced your last electric pump, call the company and see if they have records of how deep they placed the pump.

See if your well depth is in any of the records from when you bought your home.

And….if there is no information to be found then we can do a depth check starting at $30.